23 March 2016

Car trouble

So there I was, Monday morning, lots of girlfriends coming by throughout the day and me with a relatively small driveway. We live quite close to the High Street so there aren't many random places to park up on the street and they would all appreciate a place to park...I know, I thought, while it's quiet I'll move my car onto the road by the doctors so they can use my drive. I'm such a kind and considerate friend, look at me being all sweet and thoughtful, tra la la... So I moved it, got out, locked it up and skipped away.

Walked down to school to collect Boy at 3.30pm so didn't use aforementioned road-parked car, got in from school and thought 'golly, must remember to move my car back once the boys are asleep...' but didn't give it a second thought.

3 hours later and Husband walks in from work holding a scrap of paper and looking furious. Turns out I'd been hit by a passing van and the driver's side is damaged. Le sigh!

Now, the way Husband flapped his arms and shrieked, I genuinely thought I was going to run down the road and find half a car. Something like this...

In reality, it looks like this...

Can't lie, I was a bit disappointed!

Anyway, kind man (who clearly can't drive but never mind the details) had left me a very nice note on the windscreen so it's all being sorted out next week when we get home from Bristol. We get a courtesy car while ours is being fixed, which they will bring to the house, take mine away, return it when it's all shiny and new and take the courtesy car away again. Happy days.

Woe betide them if it interferes with Centre Parcs, though!!

In other news, Husband sent me a mysterious text this morning saying 'Need to renew my passport'. Despite 14 years of experience telling me different, I went into excitement overdrive. Oh My Actual God, I thought, while repacking the Bristol suitcase that Baby was emptying as fast as I could fill, he's actually gone and booked us a holiday abroad and it's going to be a wonderful surprise and maybe it's just for US and he's arranged for the boys to go to their Godmother's...On and on down this ridiculous rabbit hole I fell. I was just mentally lying on a beach with a cocktail when his next message arrived 'It's just for a work meeting'.

Fuck's sake. He can make his own dinner tonight!!

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