27 March 2016

Bristol trippin'

Can't stop long, there are eggs to be eaten and wine to be drunk!! But just wanted to stop by and let you know that our trip to Bristol was awesome. Husband couldn't get away from the office on Thursday but caught the train down late that evening and surprised the boys the next morning. We spent 72 hours together in my beloved city, and it was FUN!

This budgie was innocently enjoying his day. Then Boy slipped off his chair and fell on top of the cage. Budgie is now missing a tail feather. Awkward...

Took the boys to Pizza Express for tea on Thursday night. How did this little Bear get to be 23 months old already??

Piggy-backs in Clifton Village with our much missed babysitter (she studies down there now) We love and miss you xxx

Admiring the fountains at The Mall (it was raining, I caved and took them to the soft play and bought them cake and Lego!!)

We were blessed with gorgeous sunshine on Good Friday. Spent our day pootling about on the waterfront in tshirts. Perfection!

Saturday took us to the zoo to meet Bristol Mama and her boys. Boy toured the entire venue at 90mph...

...and Baby wore his reins (because we had forgotten to take them with us on Friday and we don't make stupid mistakes twice!!)

Someone's heart was broken when he found out that the new baby gorilla wasn't on show (too young) but then later on he spotted her through a side window having some milk, Husband lifted him up onto a ledge so he could have a sneaky peek!!

The boys shared a bed for the weekend which they found so hilarious they couldn't cope. At 8.05pm on the first night I had to move Boy into the main bedroom in disgrace, Baby then promptly rolled out of bed 5 times. Durrh. In the end I had to wedge him with cushions and then eventually took Boy back in purely to create a barrier system!! (The second night didn't go much better!!)

We also squeezed in visits to the M Shed and @ Bristol but I didn't have any photos without the boys' faces, apologies. It was a great family weekend, full of giggles and dirty, ice cream-covered faces. 

We travelled home late last night and spent today doing a mammoth egg hunt with BFF and her family before driving to Nana's house for a roast dinner. Can't believe it's 6.15pm, it's so light!! The boys are all still outside playing in the garden, really must go and round them up and stick them in the shower. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday and have great plans for 'bonus day' tomorrow.

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