22 July 2015

Home Office Inspiration

OK. So in our beautiful new home we have a random mix of modern, vintage, metal, oak, leather, Ikea...you get the idea. Style isn't my strong point (in my wardrobe or in my interior design) but I try oh so hard and I hope it is starting to come together and resemble something remotely akin to grown up and stylish. We love our new house so, so much and we really want it to reflect that. I was about to take some quick snaps to share with you, turned around and saw duplo all over the dining room table, Husband lounging all over the sofa, mess all over the snug room...so maybe I'll do that tomorrow when I've tidied it all beautifully and it's looking like a show home?
Tonight the point of this post is to tell you about the little corner of the dining room that I guess you could call the home office. I am trying hard NOT to make this into a command centre. I don't want it to be bogged down in paperwork and to-do lists, I have a specific place for these in the kitchen/bootroom and that system works just fine. I want my desk to be a place where I can write, shop, email, do some admin for Husband's business but be surrounded by beautiful things that are clean, happy and stylish.
The reason the PC is situated where it is has 3 reasons. 1: this is where the PC was situated when we looked around the house for the very first time and therefore it seemed like the logical place to keep it when we unpacked! 2: as the boys get older and use the PC more we want to foster an open-door policy and this seems like a smart way to achieve that without ever making it into a 'thing'?? 3: the wi-fi is dodgy as hell with the super-thick walls so we have limited places we can put the damn thing IF WE WANT IT TO WORK!! All valid reasons I feel.
Anyway, at the moment I have an old ikea desk that is super old and annoyingly narrower than the alcove it sits in, an ugly black office chair, a pile of paperwork that doesn't belong here, a pile of CDs that Husband is systematically uploading onto iTunes and an xbox remote that Toddler dumped here earlier today. It currently looks like this...

Ew! I mean, it works and it's functional but...ew. There's also a photo of our wedding above it which is hung way too high in the space available...I was being lazy and using an existing hook instead of doing a proper job.
Anyway, here is my current inspiration, posted by the fabulous Laura this afternoon on instagram.
She's been posting little teases of her home office for a while now, and I'd seen other images of a similar nature that I had 'pinned' for a later date but when she posted this today I thought 'right, no delaying, the new desk arrives tomorrow, let's get ready'!!
Lo, an hour later I had sourced and ordered this:
and if you remember rightly, this desk is already on its way:

So am going to spend my evening sourcing some white shelves, some fancy artwork on etsy to print out for a frame or two and a nice lamp. Oh, and I'm going to try and look glamorous and also wear espadrilles!! Wish me luck and send me suggestions if you know of anywhere great I can find said items!!


  1. Your furniture layout is Stunning,i really love the way u painted the room,it looks so cool and beautiful too..Keep this stylish work..

  2. Thanks for the support, it's an ongoing process but we're getting there slowly I hope!!