13 July 2015

An eclectic mix...

Happy Monday everyone, here's hoping your day has been as fun as mine. Nursery run, pootle round house tidying up the after-effects of the weekend, lunch with Baby, hair cut and coloured while he napped, then nursery pick-up followed by a cheeky slice of cake at a nearby cafe we've just discovered. Bliss! We're back at home now for the 'witching hour' between 4-5pm, when Toddler is tired and cranky, and Baby is frankly angry at everything unless it's edible. Every day it's a battle to distract them until tea is ready, boys really are never full! So Aristocats is on and I've handed Baby a montessori-esque basket of twiddly bits in the hopes that I'll get 15mins to sit down and write something...
Have had little things popping into my mind over the last 4/5days and kept making a note of them to share with you, hence the eclectic mix of content today. Nothing better than a random post full of bits and bobs to mix things up a bit, eh?
First things first, I need these sunglasses in my life. OK, maybe not THESE ones, maybe the Next version will suffice. But suddenly it came to me at the weekend, I've been wearing my beloved Prada 'bug-eyed' sunglasses for 5 summers now. New sunglasses = instant revamp. Durrh. Am ordering them tonight!
Then there's this lovely image that popped up on my screen when I was googling things to do with kids in Inverness. Seriously, it may not be Portugal and I may need a totally different holiday wardrobe to the one I had planned in my mind, but am beginning to get excited now. It's going to be such a big adventure for me and my little boys, I get butterflies just thinking about it (that's probably a low-level panic attack about check-in etc...but am telling myself it's butterflies, smile and nod!)

Here's the info on the new cafe we just discovered. I know you shouldn't really share your favourite new places incase they get swamped and 'ruined' but it is seriously cute and seriously underpriced and I would be sad to see it close. Three slices of cake, one scone with jam and butter, a tea, a hot chocolate and a cold drink for Baby all came to under £11! I was in shock! We are going back with Nana tomorrow for lunch. Yummy.

And just for kicks, here's the photo I gave my Hairdresser Mama friend months ago when I was after a change (hair used to be down by my shoulder blades) I think it looks pretty damn close to this photo in all honesty, in shape and colour...
 ...but here's how Leeds Dad described my hair to me the other day. Excellent. Thanks for that!!

The only other thing I realised I hadn't updated you about was the summer fair success. Well. After a week of watching the little black rain cloud on my weather app and finally accepting that it wasn't going to budge, I sat down at the computer and created a wet-weather-table-plan all ready to go...and the Vice chair shat all over it and threw it out the window. Pretty much literally, screwed it up and threw it out. I almost cried. She was adamant it wasn't going to rain so ahead we forged, setting up outside, making everything beautiful, laying out all the things we had lovingly bought and wrapped and BAM, 30 mins in the heavens opened and we were flooded. I almost cried again.
It was awful. Everyone pitched in and hurriedly got stalls moved inside and 'blitz spirit' reigned, but man was I cross! In the end we raised £960, which is equal parts incredible considering the weather and infuriating thinking of what we COULD have achieved had people bowed to the wisdom that is the BBC weather app (other good apps are available, apparently our Vice chair uses none of them!) Can you tell I'm still harbouring anger about this? Anyway, £960 is not to be sniffed at and it'll make it easier to smash the total next year I guess.
C'est la vie!
Will be back tomorrow with a garden update, now there's sentence I never thought I'd write!

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