19 July 2015

Bumpity bumpity bump

Good lord, Toddler has had one hell of a weekend. The only explanation for his clumsiness must be a growth spurt but I mean it when I say he is lucky to be alive after the last 48hours. 
On Friday he was at home for the day and promptly fell over his own feet on the retail park, grazing both knees. 
Saturday morning bright and early brought a bite on the forearm (note to self: don't try and take duplo off Baby) Then while I was off deep-cleaning the shithole that is Toddler's nursery (long story for another post) he skidded along the all weather tennis courts...on his face. So, in an effort to cheer him up after his painful morning, we took him to the nearby play park where they've installed a fab, new, whizzy slide and smack, he cracked his head off the metal rim at the bottom. Cue egg.
You'd think that was it. But no. That wasn't enough for my child. Ho no, my child likes to do things 110%. So Sunday he went over his handlebars, luckily he landed on the grass verge which minimised the scraping, but he does have an almighty bruise in his groin where he landed on said handlebars. No wonder he was crying and holding his privates!!
I mean, I ask you. Do girls behave like this? It's turning me grey and frankly, I feel like hammering the doors closed and never leaving the house again. It ain't safe out there for my crazy boy!!

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