26 May 2016


Apologies for 2 random posts in one day, I promise I'll just chat about sports day tomorrow, but I had to share this earth-shattering, life-changing news. 

As ever, I am well prepared to find out that I am 6 months behind the crowds, but that's my charm, excitedly announcing things that everyone has already discovered, got blasé with and moved on from!!

The latest product of wonder in my life is this:

Now, I must admit, when I first saw the advert for this my reaction was the same as when I first discovered pre-grated cheese in the fridge section in Waitrose. 

'Who on God's green earth is lazy enough to buy this product???' I sneered, totally incredulous at the idiocy of the marketing team who had dreamt it up. 'Who is soooo busy or so feckin' lazy that they simply cannot be arsed to spend 90 seconds flinging some Nivea on their arms and legs when they step out of the shower???'

Well, as luck would have it, ME! That's who. The smug, arrogant, scaly person over here who never ever ever moisturises when she gets out of the shower and as such spends 6 months of the year staring down at her bare feet/ankles/legs thinking 'wow, my legs are white/dry/flaky...I really should moisturise more often...' and promptly never does. 

So I reluctantly picked some up in Boots the other day (other, probably cheaper, stores are available, but it was on 3 for 2!) And man alive, it has changed my world. I've only used it twice and can immediately feel a difference. Granted, in comparison to using no moisturiser at all, of course it's going to feel awesome, but I suppose that's my point. It gets the laziest of us to hydrate our parched skin and therefore the change is instantly recognisable. Here's hoping it continues to work??

In my defence, the real reason I don't like to moisturise is because I don't like the gloopy cream all over my hands and stuck in between my jewellery. This genius addition to my shower routine means that I get to rinse my hands before I get out and never have to touch anything feeling all sticky and clammy. Winner!

Now I just need to work on a genuine reason to love pre-grated cheese, like an allergy to cheese graters...!

Nivea in-shower body moisturiser. Has anyone else given it a go?? Think hard? You may have tried it this first time round when it was popular and cool about 6 months back...!! x

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