16 May 2016

Hello Fresh!

Don't know about you guys, but I flit between this...

and this...

More often than not it's the second one. Sigh!

BUT last week I opened a parcel from Amazon and inside was a £20 voucher for Hello Fresh. I've seen the vouchers before and Leeds Dad even has these boxes delivered, but I've always dismissed them as a) too expensive and b) a bit naughty for a SAHM who has all the time in the world to menu-plan and cook??

Well, this time I looked at it and thought, yes. We are stuck in a rut, rotating 5/6 easy to cook meals and I am BORED of cooking. This must happen to all families, you get to a point when you find yourself cooking the same old things all the time? But also, for this Mama, it's due to the kitchen we currently have, I do not get on with the layout AT ALL and as such, I don't really enjoy cooking in there. Thing is, we've lived here for over a year now and a new kitchen is nowhere in sight (damn you, old house!) so I really need to get over that grump or we'll all starve!

So, our first box has arrived. We've opted for an orange chicken rice dish and a pork sesame noodle thing. I am not a chef. Don't ask me any more than that! But, all the ingredients look delicious and good quality and I'm excited about cooking brand new recipes. Here's hoping Husband and the boys enjoy them...!

I'll let you know how we get on!

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