6 May 2016

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday, blog friends. It's been a busy one here in the shire and I am more than happy to finally be lying on the sofa watching HP5 with a large glass of Sauvignon.

Thought I'd wind up the week with a list of Friday Favourites...

1. Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion (available on Amazon)

Last summer, Boy randomly decided to spontaneously develop an allergy to both of the sun creams we had in the house that we'd been using on him with no problems for the previous 3.5years? Thus followed an extremely expensive period of time where I tried in vain to find a replacement that didn't bring him out in a rash. Finally we stumbled across this one and HURRAH, no rash. It's not exactly cheap (think I paid £17 in waitrose but it's £14.69 on Amazon...?) when you compare it to Boots' own brand (£5) but what can you do? Ordered a fresh tube today (the sudden sunshine spurred me on!)

2. Cousin love!! 

Niece arrived this afternoon and is here until Monday lunchtime. Whilst it is a constant juggle having an extra child, especially one so close in age and ability to Toddler, it brings me such joy to watch the boys love on her with such gentleness and chivalry. I don't want her to be treated like a precious flower but at the same time it is lovely to see how they both look out for her and protect her. Let's just hope she sleeps until 7am!!

3. Islabikes in Ludlow

Last weekend we took Boy up to Islabikes in Ludlow to get measured for his next set of wheels and his shiny new bicycle arrived today while he was at school. He actually jumped for joy when he saw the box! The staff are incredibly passionate about cycling and really know their stuff, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to friends. Yes, the bikes are expensive but they really hold their value, are lightweight and durable and, let's face it, a hell of a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the shit you can buy in Halfords covered in skull stickers!!

4. Finding inspirational quotes on Pinterest. 

Nothing much to say about this, just that I have printed it off for my fridge door and am trying to chant it every time I go to get the milk...

5. Boden on sale!

Love Boden stuff but refuse to buy it without an offer code (not that you ever need to, just check Mumsnet first!) Toddler has a new bundle of gear for the warm weather due to the fact that he is smaller than his brother was at this age and they were born in different seasons (Husband despairs, I just like a valid reason to shop!) And here he is rocking one of the tshirts. Everything washes and wears really well (he does have a lot of Boden stuff handed down from Boy that looks almost new) and I love the traditional, classic styling. My boys only wear blue (don't ask!) which sometimes limits my options but Boden always comes through. Love!!

6. Boy's new teacher

God, the news that Boy's teacher was leaving at Easter made me spiral into a panic ridden sob fest. Luckily, his replacement is a STAR! She is calm and quiet, kind and thoughtful, inspirational and thorough. I like her a lot, and more importantly, so does Boy. In a few short weeks I have gone from dreading the transition to feeling sad he won't benefit from her skill set for a longer period! The irony!

And 7. Fabulous friends

It's not been an easy few weeks for this Mama. After a lot of introspection and contemplation, I think my low state of mind and fatigue is being caused by a combination of poor diet choices, hayfever season, tiredness due to Toddler dropping his daytime sleep, planning too much into my days to avoid down time (down time gives me time to think and thinking makes me melancholy... Unfortunately, being too busy also makes me blue, what larks!) and Toddler turning 2 (so long baby days, arrivederci infant boy, waaahh) Since only three of those factors are within my control, I need to turn my attention to those and roll with the others. Only then will my funk lift. Am grateful that I have such wonderful, supportive, caring girlfriends to carry me through the dark times and help me analyse what's causing it (this time) and what might help it bugger off faster. God bless girlfriends!

There you have it, seven of my favourite things this week that I'm grateful for and make me smile. 

We have a class birthday party tomorrow morning and then a family trip out to Weston Park to test out these new wheels. Nana is coming to meet us so we might sneak in a cheeky Beefeater for tea? (My idea of hell but Boy will be delirious!) Then a lovely lazy day on Sunday before another week of mayhem. 

Hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you have planned. Enjoy the sunshine xx

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