11 May 2016

Latest Lust Items

Here's a list of the latest items I am lusting over for my home and wardrobe.
NB I neither need nor can afford any of them!!

slash sneakers TIRGULE - Colour BLANC

Hazel espadrille £69.50 (but I'll have them in navy, thanks!)

Image 1 of Striped dress from Zara

Striped dress £15.99 (yes, this is for goddaughter but it is DIVINE in the flesh, saw it in town today!)

Am definitely going for 'Mole's Breath' paint in our master bedroom, the decision has been made. Now just got to convince Husband and book the decorators.

Image 1 of ASOS Crop Top Lace Maxi Dress

Am in love with this dress for the summer ball £55. It is sold out apart from a size 8. A size 8 will not fit my right thigh. Fuck it!

Oh, and I thought there were more, but that's the whole list. 3 hours in Telford town centre today and that's all I spotted!! Maybe I can afford some of it after all...?!

Productive PLA meeting this evening, got loads organised for the summer ball. Now just have the health visitor to deal with in the morning and the weekend is in sight...

Hope the week is going well for everyone, let me know what purchases you might be making this weekend!

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