3 May 2016

You HAVE to see these...

OK, so I never name my children on here and I try hard not to show photos with their faces front-on...don't know why because a) I'm not a secret spy, b) no-one gives a flying f*ck who I am anyway and c) every photo I ever take is posted on my personal Facebook page so I can't claim privacy is a massive concern...

All that aside, I guess I enjoy the anonymity this blog gives me, to vent, to be honest, to attempt being 'funny'!! However, whilst keeping their faces out of the spotlight best I can, I really want to share some recent photos we've had done of the boys.

Louise Powell came to the house last Sunday and, well, she has captured some really beautiful moments that I am itching to get developed, printed onto canvas, splattered all over the walls of our forever home. The woman has a serious gift so if you're in the market for a wonderful photographer, check her out here!


This is the one patch Husband lets them dig up!

Jungle explorer!!

Boy said 'take a photo of this, this is my triangle...', so bless her, she did?!

Toddler, raiding Boy's tool box!

Is there anything better than up to date photos of the ones you love?! Am off to spend a fortune on PhotoBox!!

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