30 May 2016

Latest purchases in the shire...

Yesterday, a weird thing happened. I left my children at home and went shopping with Yummy Mummy for a whole 5 hours. (Husband stayed with them, obvs, am not INSANE!)

We finished sentences, noone had to pee/nap/stretch their legs/be carried/demanded to go into the hell that is the Bear Factory... We also sat and enjoyed hot food and cold wine in Pizza Express. It was lovely!

Didn't find as much as I wanted to...still need new sunglasses and am STILL on the hunt for the elusive little white tshirt (two I ordered last week from Boden were see through, but stupidly I thought 'oh fuck it, I'll wear a vest underneath' and they promptly shrunk on the first wash, am ringing them tomorrow!!) but I did get some little gems...

Image 2 of PRINTED T-SHIRT from Zara

This tshirt from Zara, looks nicer in real life??

After going into store three times on the hunt for these to no avail I came home and ordered them online. Khaki linens from H&M!

Spotted these in town but not in my size, so came home and found them on dorothyperkins.com for a mere £13.30, would be rude not to at least TRY them on!!

So again, we find ourselves wondering why we bother leaving the house when we can order everything online for free delivery and returns? But I did get to spend some lovely quality time with a dear friends, the pasta pollo was yummy and when I returned noone had fallen out. So all in all, a lovely Sunday.

Hope you've all enjoyed a delightful bonus day at home today? We all went swimming this morning and then treated the boys to lunch out in honour of our 8 year anniversary (which we had both forgotten until a friend texted us from her holiday in Cornwall, oops!) We spent the rest of the afternoon lying on blankets in the garden reading while Husband weeded the patio, coz that's how we roll ;-)

Toddler isn't feeling 100% so am looking forward to another lazy day tomorrow. I say lazy, I mean a quick trip to Aldi, haircuts with Nana here at the house and then a playdate with Eco Mama and her crazy-ass blond babies. But all at home, so he can crash and chill if he needs to.

Wednesday is a day with no plans. Thursday is a Kindergarten playdate at Attingham and Friday brings with it swimming lessons for Boy and a playdate at BFF's house.

Oh, how I love half term holidays with my boys!! I'll let you know how I get on with the trousers and espadrilles xx

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