13 May 2016

It's the freakin' weekend, almost!

Could be wrong, but think I woke up with a teeny tiny hangover this morning. I put the banging headache down to Husband leaving the bedroom windows open and thus letting all the evil pollen in to make me sneeze 32 times when my head hit the pillow...but in actual fact it may well have been the second glass of wine...? Just maybe. Perhaps?

Either way, we were on time for school, remembered to give the obligatory Friday morning swimming safety speech to Boy (hold hands when walking down the canal, pay attention in the park, don't speak to any strangers, don't drown! etc etc...) and made it home in time for Toddler's Paw Patrol at 9am (WHAT?? He LIKES it!! #guiltyface)

Have tweeted npower, again, thrown some laundry in, eaten some breakfast and downed a glass of water in an attempt to clear my head. Now need to explain to Toddler that Paw Patrol is finished, wrestle his hot, screaming, angry little body into the car and go BACK to Telford to return/swap these sandals I bought for Boy that are too big (they look like diving fins!)

I want to go as much as I want a slap in the face. Sigh!

Haircuts at 4pm (just incase you hear screaming and are worried for our safety!), then a trip to the dentist followed by a bike ride with Nana tomorrow, then some animal gambling on Sunday with Eco Mama and her floppy haired crazy ass Boy, what fun!!

I hope Monday takes her sweet time rolling back around...

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