14 May 2016

Sunny Saturdays

Goodness, how I love a sunny day, especially when it falls at the weekend when my four greatest loves are all at home!

First thing, this Mama was at the dentist with her boys...

...which they both aced so we walked down to B&M to reward them with electric toothbrushes. Boy had been asking for one since January...!

We came home via the bakery with fresh rolls for lunch, ate a picnic outside and then I took Boy to meet up with Nana for his first 'long' distance bike ride (long = longer than any stretch he ever managed at Centre Parcs!!)

Apparently he was a very good lad, but a 25 min stretch took them 1.5hours... because he kept asking to stop for a snack or a drink. Mama possibly packed too many treats in that backpack?! Nana didn't mind, she is always happy to follow his lead and enjoy the golden times and from what they told me, they certainly had a magical time all together so that's what counts. He is such a lucky boy to have them love on him so hard. I collected them from Aldi carpark and we came home for drinks and icepops in the garden, where we found this dirty pair...

Toddler had been outside with no shoes on for over an hour...his feet were the same colour as Dog!

After we'd cleaned his dirty little toes, we walked him down to Clarks for some summer sandals, then invited Leeds Dad over for dinner in the garden (his wife and boys are away overnight) which was a lovely, impromptu, relaxed affair.

AND to top it all off, while Husband puts the entire contents of the shed away in a slightly different place to where they all were this morning, Mamma Mia is on in the snug (which he HATES and I ADORE!) so I get to load the dishwasher and sing along!

Best dash, Pierce is about to propose... Hope your Saturday was as lovely as ours. Does anyone have any great plans for tomorrow??

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