26 May 2016

Busy little bee, zzz

My God, today has been mentalist.

It was BFF's birthday today so after school drop-off we headed straight to Costa for a celebratory coffee (natch) with Toddler, before racing across to Shifnal for a final meeting with the hotel about the school ball. How is only 2 weeks away? And how have I still got so much to do? Waaahh!! Can't think about it.

Anyway, as well as a few practical things to make (centrepieces, table plans, flyers etc...) the meeting gave me 4 emails to send and 1 phone call to make, so Toddler and I came straight back home and got to work. Auntie and Niece have been here since Tuesday so they kept Toddler busy while I caught up on my admin.


I then answered a phone call from the Cancer Research committee chairperson and that gave me another 2 emails to send, a trip into town and a visit to the local children's boutique (to speak to another committee member). So we all loaded up into pushchairs and headed into town. Got all those jobs done and swung by the bank on the way back to deposit cheques (event is now officially SOLD OUT!!) Home for lunch. Ahh, I thought, now I can exhale and sit down.


Phone rang and it was Husband asking if I could bring him some contact lenses to work. Sigh! So after we had eaten our lunch and waved goodbye to Auntie and Niece we headed up to Telford, Toddler promptly slept through the entire journey, and by the time we were heading home it was almost time for school pick-up so we just drove straight there and parked up early. By this point I could have happily sat down on the sofa and ordered a takeaway!!


Toddler knocked a candle off the coffee table and little pieces of glass scattered everywhere, as it will. Then Boy decided he'd really like to read me his new reading book (which was fabulous because normally he's too tired after school to read) Dog decided his water bowl wasn't quite full or fresh enough. I remembered that Auntie and Niece had decimated the playroom and left it that way. And Boy reminded me that I said I'd bake a banana loaf with him after school.


So, in conclusion, it is now 5.47pm, the banana bread is cooling, the dinner is still cooking, the boys are bathed and watching Blaze and the Monster Machines and I am trying to resist opening the bottle of Pinot in the fridge ;-) I genuinely do not know how people find the time to go to a full time job? They must be mega stressed. Or maybe they're just smarter than I and don't sign up to every committee going? Hmm...?!

Anyway, pilates class is at 7.45pm so not long until I am lying on a mat, trying to find my centre and spending a blissful 60 minutes on my own, focussing on my sore lower back. Can't wait. Shall spend the relaxation time at the end counting my blessings, because, as busy and frantic as it sometimes feels, being a Mum is all I've ever wanted so...shouldn't complain!

Back tomorrow with sports day news!!

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