12 May 2016


It's coming up to lunchtime and so far this morning I have experienced a rage of emotions so extreme and intense that I need a lie down.

I was woken at 5am to take Toddler for a wee (serves me right for not lifting him at 10.30pm to test if he could make it through the night, the answer is apparently no!)

RAGE (and the copious amounts of GUILT that go with it)
For some bizarre reason I ballsed up two bowls of porridge and had to make more, which made us super late going back upstairs to get dressed, therefore we were super late coming back DOWNstairs to grab everything and head out the door, and since it's all sunshiny and happy I wanted to walk to school and didn't have TIME to make us late...so when Toddler refused to get off the toilet I stood in the bathroom and ROARED. Like a crazy woman. It was that or throw a potty at the window. So both boys stared at me for a second...then sobbed in fear for their tiny lives.

Since it's the middle of the month I wanted to go to the churchyard and take some flowers to my Dad's stone. That needs no explanation. Toddler kept me smiling...(Question: is it appropriate for a child to randomly pick up other people's memorial decorations and pretend to use them as a sword with loud sound effects in a graveyard?? I like to think it makes the departed smile, I hope it's not incredibly offensive?? We do always put everything back as it was...Awkward face?!)

As we were leaving church, Toddler announced he needed the toilet and I'd left the travel potty at home (obviously!) so had to scoop him up and let him pee old-school style between his legs. This sent me into a flat spin. He uses the phrase 'poo-poo' for any toilet trip so I never really know what to expect AND he hadn't pooped yet this morning so... luckily it was just a wee. I guess I'm still not over the unfortunate incident at the safari park where he told me he needed (what I assumed was) a wee and promptly pooped on the pavement just as the sealion show opened their doors and 100 people filed past.

And then I came home to find that a fellow blogger Charlotte has included me in her list of blog recommendations this month and said some really lovely things about Mama of Boys. Isn't that just the nicest thing? I am equal parts proud and embarrassed. 

So yes, it has been a busy morning. No wonder this Mama is always so bloody exhausted, it's not the physical side of parenting I struggle with, it's the emotional toll that comes with it.

Toddler and I aced our health visitor 2 year review and even though we a) think it's baloney and b) didn't really care either way it's nice to have an excuse to buy a sticky bun for lunch so we're off to the bakery!!

Enjoy the sunshine, friends xx

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