21 May 2016

Hello Fresh! A review

Am officially worst blogger in world, ranted on and on about our Hello Fresh! box that was destined to jazz up our eating habits FOR LIFE!!!, made the damn meal and...totally forgot to photograph it.

Sorry dudes!

So anyway, as you may remember, I recently got a £20 offer code for Hello Fresh! and after months of umming and ahhing I finally went ahead and signed up.

This week our Hello Fresh! box has two main meals inside designed for a family of 4 as I initially thought it would be a new thing for the whole family to enjoy. Next week we're switching to three meals designed for 2 people as I realised the boys just don't want big, exciting evening meals when they've had a hot meal at lunchtime (Boy has hot school lunches and I try to give Toddler a reheated portion of a frozen meal I've portioned up in the previous weeks or a portion of the previous evening's meal I've popped in the fridge to ensure he too has had a hot lunch...if that makes any sense?!)

Sesame Soy Glazed Pork With Carrots, Bok Choy And Noodles

Your Favourite Orange and Honey Chicken Jambalaya

This week the recipes we chose were Orange and Honey Chicken Jambalaya and Sesame Soy Glazed Pork with noodles (see above, not my photos!!) Everything arrived in one massive box on Monday morning (I think you can choose any day of the week for delivery which is handy) and then inside I found everything small and twiddly measured out into little pots, all the veg looked fresh as a daisy and the meat looked great.

I was all excited, so on Wednesday I got everything out to make the jambalaya and cracked on. Conclusion? Easiest. Thing. Ever!

The recipe cards are simple to follow, having the ingredients pre-measured is a small luxury I can definitely get behind...the only issue I had was that my definition of a 'medium-low heat' is obviously a little different to theirs as, after the requisite 10 minutes, our jambalaya was stuck to the bottom of the pan and turning black. Bad times! I guess it comes with practise and cooking the same recipe a few times over...? That said, we managed to salvage it no problems and it was incredibly tasty...and lasted us two nights running, double score!!

Points to consider: The cost. We won't be able to keep this up for months on end, but as a rocket up your backside to get you into the kitchen and expand your culinary horizons it is perfect. Also, I'm a chicken snob so only eat breast meat...I struggled to enjoy the thighs we'd been sent...but that's a personal choice, Husband had no issue at all! (He did mutter 'Orange doesn't really belong in a main meal now, does it?' but then he is a simple country boy who was raised on plain meat and two veg so we can disregard the majority of what he says about food!!)

Bonus features: You get to keep the recipe cards so you can always make the recipes again on your own time, and there didn't seem to be any totally random ingredients that you would have to go out and buy especially, you know? I hate recipes that call for exotic things that you need to spend a fortune on but possibly not use for another 6 months...by which time they're out of date and need binning! Oh, and I just came back to add in the fact that they have a handy app where you can access all the menus and see what recipes are coming up in the coming weeks, pause your deliveries, choose your specific meals...very clever.

All in all, I really like the whole concept. I cooked a brand new meal from scratch that I'd never even heard of before, I felt like Super-Mama!, it was super easy and really good quality. Thank you, Hello Fresh!

If you fancy trying it out for yourself, Hello Fresh! sent me an offer code for £25 off your first box. It's


and I guess you just paste it into your order form when you sign up on their website?? 

(Disclaimer: if people do use this code then I get £12 off my next box, I guess as a thank you for referring a new customer...? So please do use it if you decide to give it a whirl, I'll be your bestie!)

Go forth, friends, and revamp your menu planning!! Enjoy x

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