8 May 2016

Oh, it's such a perfect day...

I'm glad I spent it with these guys...

He's getting faster!!

Donkey-riding Boy!!

Dog got a new bone, promptly buried it in Toddler's sandpit!

Hot day? Naked sprinklers, natch!

Pushing Niece around the garden this morning!

Despite the children being slathered in sun lotion and being reminded to wear their sun hats all day, repeatedly, sometimes in a loud, shrieky voice!, all 3 of them look a bit 'healthier' than they did first thing this morning. 

Boy almost got stung on the winky, Toddler got so distracted digging a hole that he poo'd his pants and Niece is suffering from PTSD from the sprinklers. All in all, it was an epic day in the garden.

Wish me luck on the school run tomorrow, I have a buggy board and I WILL succeed. She says. With trepidation!!

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