20 October 2015

Happy Holidays!

So, day 1 of the hols was a bit busy so I'm sitting down to write this on day 2! As you know, Boy has successfully completed his first half term of Kindergarten and is now on his half term holiday. I'd forgotten how nice it was to eat breakfast without staring at the clock!! Yesterday at 8.25am, when we are normally all jumping out of the car at the canal and starting our short walk to the school gate, Baby was the only one dressed and we were all lying on the playroom floor with the cars. Pure. Bliss!
While I know it's important to embrace the downtime and let him recharge his batteries before he goes back (I know from personal teaching experience that the next half term is the hardest, it seems to drag on fooooooorever??) I am also eager to capitalise on the time we have with him since we miss him so much when he's not at home. So, we spent some time on Sunday 'holiday planning'.
I used this image as inspiration...

...and created our own. Granted, some of the days had already been allocated by his OCD plan-loving Mama over here, but he did come up with some fun ideas all of his own which we made sure to include. Our holiday plan so far includes:

A trip to Birmingham on the train to see Aliens Love Underpants on stage. Random, but true. He loves the book so I'm hoping this adaptation makes him smile. Nana is treating us to this so we'll buy lunch ;-)

A return trip to the Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire. We recently discovered this place, it's just had a massive revamp, and it is AMAZING! It looks like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, the icecream is delicious, the playbarns and ride-on diggers aren't a fortune and there are lots of little animals to enjoy (Mental reminder: take anti-histamines if you're allergic so you don't wind up looking like an idiot a la Mama!) Only downside? The cafe is the only section that hasn't been redone and as such looks totally dated and grungy. They operate a no-picnic policy too which I think is a bit cheeky when the menu on offer is so pants (sandwiches and chocolate bars?) so pack yourselves a car picnic and go wild ;-)

Lots of swimming. Boy swims on a Wednesday afternoon and Baby swims on a Friday morning. So we're swimming a lot!

We've also signed up to www.mathletics.co.uk and downloaded the app onto Boy's iPad - I figure that increased screen time during the hols should at least be productive!

We're visiting Eco-Mama and the wild child this afternoon (this photo is because both our big boys have mentalist blond hair??) He's still at school so we're going to surprise him at the gates at 3.10pm and then go back to theirs for tea and bathtime before heading home in the dark. I shall pack pjs, wish us luck transferring the snoozy boys from the car into their beds...eeshk!

We're zooming off to Lichfield next Friday for a session at Woodland Beasties which we're very excited about. Boy used to attend a smaller forest school towards Tamworth with his Nana when I was pregnant with Baby and we were gutted when it closed. This is a relatively new venture which is proving quite popular so we're excited about going along to support them. My boys love getting their wellies dirty! More info can be found here if you fancy it: 

Niece is coming to visit!!

We're also dog-sitting for BFF this morning, seeing a classmate for a playdate (I failed miserably at inviting someone over for tea last half term, must try harder from now on!), meeting Husband for dinner at Pizza Express, holding a ball planning meeting, babysitting for Leeds Dad and his wife so they can go out for an anniversary meal (2 weeks late, life with kids!) and squeezing in a trip to the Creperie for pancakes, nom.

I know it's a cliche, but it's so true. I love having my Boy home so hard. I have found the last 5 weeks quite tough I think and am determined to soak up as much of him as I can for the next 14 days. 14 days of magical, cosy, lovely memories that will fill up his love tank for the long half term ahead. That said, he is currently lying on the sofa watching 'Tinkerbell' and when I suggested getting dressed he shrieked at me. Magical, magical times ;-)

Have you got anything wonderful planned? A holiday in the sun, or just 2 weeks lying around in pjs celebrating the fact we don't have to do the school run?!

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