1 October 2015

October is here!!

Happy October, everyone!

A busy month ahead, here's a quick peek at what the Boys and I have planned:

That's on top of all the random, ongoing house jobs such as 'finish painting the shed' and 'fit the new pane of glass in the conservatory window which has been broken now for, ooh, 6 weeks' and 'fix the wardrobe door that has been leaning up against the wall for, ooh, 8 weeks'!! We're going to be very busy people!!

As for October goals, I have a few.
1. Embrace the slow cooker. I did get it out of the cupboard this weekend and made the world's most epic chilli con carne but now need to 'up' my game and get dinner in it most mornings. 20mins effort means such a relaxed evening and the meals are delicious. What's not to love about that?!
2. Complete a pilates 100 every night before bed. My main issue whenever I start goals like this is that I forget. I think I managed to moisturise my flaky skin 4 times last time I made it my month goal. Shameful. Am going to write a reminder on a post-it and stick it to my bedside lamp! Wish me luck!
3. Get a start on the Christmas shopping. BFF announced this morning that she's finished hers already. FINISHED it. Mentalist. So yeah, my goal is distinctly smaller than hers but still, a start would be nice for no other reason than it will spread the cost and stop Husband from grumping quite so loudly come Xmas eve when I've still got 7 people to buy for and wind up throwing money at the problem (which is an annual occurrence!)
4. Decorate the house for Autumn. No explanation needed.
5. Finalise plans for the school Christmas fair. This is almost in hand but since BFF's Husband took up the role of Vice on the PLA committee I suddenly feel a need to get it all nailed down before he asks me about it ;-)
6. Invite one school friend round for tea on a Friday (think the extreme fatigue is starting to fade? You watch, as soon as someone comes to play everyone will dissolve into tears and have to be carried to their room, hey ho...)

And I think that's enough to be going on with.

In wardrobe news I finally went with this denim dress:
which I'm wearing today with black tights and brown knee high boots. Love!

And I've been a busy little bee booking the Christmas party for Husband's company, which is very exciting, but I suppose we should add 'find a dress' to the October goals so that I don't spend November and the start of December roaming around the shops wailing. Like last year!

So there you have it. Crack out the scarves and gloves, Autumn has officially started and it's going to be nippy. Has anyone got any goals for the month ahead? Or any suggestions for party wear? I see a girly shopping trip in my future...

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