3 October 2015

Attempting something new...

OK. So here's my idea. This year I have spent an awful long time sorting through every item in my wardrobe, sending tonnes to the charity shop, making a list of what I felt was missing, reorganising the layout...and ultimately it feels like I am filling my wardrobe with cute new things, but then still struggling to 'create' an outfit each morning that looks any different to how it did before?? It's infuriating. I don't think I can really blame it on the school run, I was struggling with this before Boy started school, but having only 6 mins to do clothes/hair/makeup/teeth each day is definitely making the morning process a bit more stressful!
So I have hit the Pinterest. The plan is to use these outfit ideas as inspiration each morning. Have searched for main items that I know I already own and love (we're not starting from scratch here!)

The next stage is to crop all the images and create an outfit board to hang on my dressing room wall, a la Jen from iHeart organizing. 

The Husband will hate it, but I'm just a visual person and if it's not there in front of me it ain't gonna happen. Have had to write a post-it saying '100' to remind me of my October goal, it's stuck to my bedside lamp (memory like a sieve!) 
So that is my Saturday project for this weekend, am about to fire up the printer and start cropping while the boys are happily destroying the playroom. Then we've got coffee in Waitrose with an elderly gentleman Boy has befriended (don't ask?) and a BBQ at BFFs (that bit I am excited about!)
Hope you've all got nice plans this weekend. Embrace the bobble hats ;-)

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