30 October 2015

Wail wail wail!!

I can't believe it's over. Half term. All gone. We have only 2 precious days of Boy left and they'll be taken up by Husband being at home and SELFISHLY wanting to spend time with my children. What a pig!! God help him if he grumps once!

We have had a wonderful two weeks though. Bar the epic meltdown on Wednesday and the slight hoo-har in Telford town centre on Thursday morning, it has been all giggles and snuggles, splashing in puddles and just generally enjoying some downtime with each other. Baby has loved having his sidekick back...think he'll be a little lost next week :-(

We have tromped over Cannock Chase in our waterproofs... 

We have snuggled together on Mama's beloved Eames chair to watch Bing bunny. God, Baby loves that bunny!

We have explored all new areas of forest within 5 minutes drive of our house that we kinda knew existed but didn't really knew existed, if you know what I mean. Excellent fun! Here's Boy getting well and truly left behind by our tiny runner!

Here's another classic from Cannock Chase, I mean really, it's like I said 'Darling, I need an anonymous photo for my blog to show something fun we did this week...' I honestly didn't! 

 And we finally made it to the wonderful Woodland Beasties at Heart of the Country near Lichfield. Such a shame we can't make it to this activity on a weekly basis (Baby swims and Boy is...sob...at school now) because Hannah, Val and Sarah really know their shit. It's hard to find people who are truly, genuinely passionate about forest education but these guys really are. Val even let her baby eat mud as PROOF! Ha ha! Here's Boy making a witch's broom from forest materials.

We have also visited the amazing Ice Cream Farm near Chester, enjoyed a super long playdate at BFF's house (magical times), run 1001 errands in town, visited Nana twice, done a lot of swimming, eaten crepes at the incredible Pear Tree Creperie (google it, don't eat for 24hrs before you visit so you have enough space to do it justice!), surprised Eco-Mum's Boy from school... it has been so. much. fun!

Tomorrow we're off to the pumpkin patch to choose our very own pumpkins for carving, then spending our early evening at Posh Mama's house for some supper, some Halloween crafts and some good ole fashioned Trick or Treating. Shall post photos of the boys in their costumes. We usually hold a party here but for various reasons I have sacked it off this time round, it feels quite nice not to have the responsibility?!

Other jobs on my list are as follows:
Buy a shed load of fruit for the many, many snacks I have to prepare every day next week.
Buy 2 more pairs of long school trousers as I may or may not have forgotten that it's only shorts until half term...and we only own one pair of trousers. Gah!
Post a love parcel to Big Sis oop north that I may or may not have been carrying around in my car boot for 4 days. Durrh!
Iron 5 long-sleeved shirts.
Ooh and possibly get to Matalan to buy these...
I just feel like they should be mine!!

Have a wicked Halloween, everyone. Back on Sunday with the big monthly round-up and some pictures of my little ghost-hunters xx

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