4 October 2015

Look who's been busy!!

Now please, before you read any further you need to know the following things:
I am as creative as a blind dung beetle with limited poo resources. 
I am running out of cyan ink in the printer. 
And the items in my wardrobe are, on the whole, terribly boring!

Lo, gaze upon the wonder that is my outfit board:
Ta daaaaaa!!

Now. The reason I did this was purely to inspire me into making the tiniest possible smidgen of effort in the 6 mins I have to get ready each morning. It's not really a 'things I need in my Autumn wardrobe' board (I have an ongoing list of those items!!) but, after spending considerable time and effort sorting/supplementing this year and yet still feeling a bit 'meh' I really wanted to focus on what I already own. I have the ingredients, I just need a daily reminder of the combos that look best as it were??
So, I started by typing each of my main items of clothing into Pinterest and simply pinned some outfits that I a) knew I had the ingredients for and b) looked cute or c) could easily be achieved with one tiny purchase (I'm only human after all!!) Soon enough I had pins which featured 'boyfriend jeans', 'khaki trousers', 'denim dress' and so on and so forth...
Then, being the random soul I am, despite having them all laid out infront of my eyes on my Pinterest board, I pasted them into Publisher, printed them off and laid them all out on the dining room table. It was at this point that Husband walked through, paused to look, almost asked a question then thought better of it and carried on!! Ha!!
Some outfits didn't make it. I pinned a great combo of plaid and khaki then chickened out!, some wound up to be very subtle duplicates, some I went off the longer I looked at them...but I did make a cute little pile of ideas that will need specific purchases in order to achieve (denim shirt anyone?!)
And then I just sorted them out into days of the week (I spent a long, long, almost too long, time on this bit of the process, I shan't bore you with the details, needless to say in the end I went with 'this looks good here'!!)
Monday is khaki jacket, stripes and either light blue ripped jeans or my dotty chinos (am interested to see if I can pull this off, in my head these chinos are frumpy and destined for the charity bin??)
Tuesday is either boyfriend jeans, stripes and a gilet or navy skinnies, white top and a blazer with a big scarf. 
Wednesday its the new indigo jeans tucked into boots with either plaid (eeshk!) and a gilet or a White tshirt under a waterfall cardigan. 
Thursday we're hauling out the leggings and dress/skirt combo. 
And Friday is grey trousers with a denim shirt or khaki trousers/stripes/denim jacket. 
I didn't print anything off for the weekend since I'm not a total loser and I CAN dress myself without prompting when I have enough time to think straight but also (and mainly) because at the weekend I'm dressed in these:

Thank you White Company!!
I think I'm going to find that, whilst I have all these items and do indeed sometimes wear these exact combinations, it's going to serve as a timely reminder/daily inspiration when I'm standing there blankly staring with my 4.5 remaining minutes quickly ticking by. I also think I'm going to find that accessories are where it's at. I need to up my accessories game!!
Ooh wee am actually excited to get up and get dressed tomorrow. Who wants to bet that my skinny jeans are in the wash?!

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