16 October 2015

Parents' Evening from the wrong side of the table!

Golly, that was odd. I've done many a parents' evening but I was always the one with the sheets of notes, the pages of prepared comments and the realms of blasted data. This was my first experience being the Mama. It was nerve-wracking.
I know it's terribly unhealthy to go through life wanting people to like you, but for this first half term my main goal (apart from him being happy to attend) was really that Boys' teachers liked him. Well, not liked him so much as...you know, loved him so hard they wanted to squeeze him 'til his eyeballs bulged!! I guess it's because I love him that hard (and rightfully so, in my humble opinion, the kid is a legend) and during this initial meeting I just wanted to hear that his Teacher sees it, gets his love-ability and cares for him? I've taught 32 kids and I'm sorry but if one of them winds you up the wrong way it doesn't make for the most peaceful or successful year ahead. Does that make any sense? Mama ramblings!
So anyway, off we went. The boys stayed at home with Yummy Mummy's second eldest. They had been fed, bathed and pj'd and were eager to play cars with her so we snuck out and headed to the school hall where we promptly found out that Teacher was running almost 45mins behind and we were probably not going to be home in time for bed. This came, as I'm sure you can guess, as a bit of a shock to control-freak Mama over here and I spent a fair few minutes deliberating about heading home and leaving Husband to take the meeting alone! I braved it out though, and I'm glad I did.
We only had 10 minutes but in that short amount of time Teacher totally put my mind at ease. I wish I'd taped the conversation really! I was listening for certain buzz words whilst also trying hard not to 'nit-pick' or analyse every single little thing she said from a professional's point of view but what I heard what exactly what I needed to hear. Kind, helpful, eager, friendly, attentive, imaginative, active, polite... she threw in some baseline assessment figures which Husband was interested in but really, the kid is 4 years old, he's almost the youngest in his class, he's my first-born, as long as I heard the word 'settled' I was happy.
And I did. So I am!
Teacher seems to genuinely 'get' him, she knows what makes him tick and what frustrates him. They've had no stand-offs or issues with obedience, she says he is well liked by all staff and children and is a great team-player. So when I say it's important to me that she likes him, I suppose it's more that I think it's important that they get on, as then he will be more receptive to learning under her wing. After Christmas I shall start gently focusing on his academic progress and I know that with the right teacher children can fly. It is looking good on that front.
We're just so incredibly proud!!
And to top off my joyful couple of days, this afternoon he broke up for half term holidays and is now mine, all mine, for a whole 16 days. Am delirious!

Lots of lovely activities planned, as well as some well-earned down-time with friends and family. I can't wait. Husband is out this evening so we enjoyed an extra long snuggle time on the master bed before tucking them in. Here's to 16 days of Mama and her two boys, reunited!

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