22 October 2015

London Calling!

So, here's how things work at our house. Husband is, for many reasons, not a big planner. I think this is due to the fact that he has so much stuff to plan, decide, act upon etc...at work during the week and therefore has no interest in making big decisions or planning activities to fill his free time. I also think it's because he's a little bit lazy and would happily stay in his 'loungewear' from Friday night until Monday morning! He categorically disagrees and says he never plans anything because anything he HAS planned in the past has been pooh-pooh'ed by yours truly.

Believe who you will!

So, I'm the planner of the family, be it trips away, Christmas trips to see the big man, annual holidays, playdates, meals out, what everyone is going to wear on any given day...you name it, I organise it. I guess at our house it comes under the remit of SAHM?! I also enjoy celebrating birthdays more than Husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE big cities. Essentially what this results in is trips away (which Husband could take or leave), to big cities (which Husband hates) for his birthday each year (which he resents celebrating). He's so lucky to have me!

This year he turns 36 and we are heading to London!!

We've done London before many times, as a couple and with Boy but it'll be Baby's first trip down south and OUR first trip with two tiddlers. Eeshk! Normally we love the tube...we shall see how we feel about it after this trip ;-)
Today's naptime was spent activity planning, this is what we definitely want to squeeze into our 48 hours...

Have never been, boys both adore animals, is near our hotel, winner!

Princess Diana Memorial Playground has rave reviews online and the boys love being outdoors running free so we thought we'd give it a go after spending the Saturday here:

 (Natural History Museum)

 and here (Science Museum next door!)

 Normally, we try to avoid 'chain' restaurants and branch out when we're away. The boys are pretty good eaters and we really don't see the point in eating Nando's when we could do that at home, as it were! Spaghetti House is a happy medium, we love it, the boys love it, there are a few around London but none at home so it passes the criteria!! Nom!!

 Touristy part, they all love cereal and this is new and popular, we shall go and report back.

 Our normal idea of hell, but hey, we're travelling with kids!!

And here's the short list of things Mama will try her damnedest to get to, but can't much see it happening unless Husband suddenly feels the urge to be Super-Dad and let me run off kid-free for an hour... 

 The beauty that is Liberty, I can waste hours in here and not buy a thing. I always DO buy something, obvs, but still...

 I sat in this yummy cafe the year we'd gone down for one of Husband's business meetings. I was pregnant with Boy, read my book, ate yummy granola, was all glowing and chubby and blissful with no idea of how life was going to change in a few short months. It was peaceful, that's all I'll say about THAT memory! Ha!

And I will be upset if I don't make it to a Petit Bateau store. I can buy these items in Shrewsbury or online, but I always go to the store when I'm in London and treat the boys to one item (full price!) It's a bit of a tradition so I will try hard to make it this trip. Must Buy Navy Stripes!!

So that's my project for the next 2 weeks before we go, I have to work out a plan for the two days which means we don't zig-zag back and forth too much, adds in anything else I've forgotten, googles all the best places to eat...all while Husband sits on the sofa and grumps about my need to 'go places' and 'do shit'!! He's a card!!

Let me know if I've missed anywhere amazing for children under 5...??

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