15 October 2015

Coffee and concussion!

Wow, I am shattered.
Yesterday was our annual coffee morning for Cancer Research and we welcomed an impressive 83 people through the doors of a local country home and (final figures pending) raised close to £2500! It was such a fun morning, although the build-up anticipation is exhausting (I'm in charge of getting all the floats right, eeshk!) not to mention the actual on-the-day problem solving (Excuse me, but my table isn't big enough...) and the clearing up afterwards. I also then had to count every last penny and hoik it all to the bank. That's the crappy part!
Here was my stall for the morning, the delicious Bring and Buy stand...

Nana came along with me to help out and Auntie and Niece were scheduled to be there but instead spent their morning on the M6 motorway stuck in traffic. Boo! Massive thanks to Posh Mama, French Mama and Leeds Dad's wife who came along to support a cause so close to my heart. Baby spent his morning at BFF's house where he had an amazing time by all accounts, he didn't want to come home (this is nothing new, my children never want to leave BFF's house, I've learned to accept it!)
After counting half the takings from the coffee morning and running to NatWest, we collected Boy from school, took him to his swimming lesson and went back to Posh Mama's for tea...where I promptly ran into a door and gave myself concussion. Excellent! Thank goodness Nana was with us to drive us home or we'd still be there. How embarrassing!

So yeah, not only have I lost sleep this week fretting about buying enough biscuits but last night I was woken every 90 mins with a crackerjack headache and nausea. Gak! Mama is pooped! I think a nap may in order when Baby goes down later?!
Today we are going to take the last of the cash to the bank on the High Street then put away the mountain of laundry that seems to appear in my utility room the second I turn my back? We were meant to be on toast-duty at playgroup but I sent my apologies at 7.01am after my crappy night, I'm not sure a room full of shrieking toddlers would have been a great idea this morning!
Parents' Evening tonight at 6.10pm. Feeling anxious every time I think about that, too. Roll on tomorrow and the end of half term!!

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