12 October 2015

Monday Monday Monday

I quite like Mondays. Back to routine, back to normality, back to life as I know it!! No more Husband-Boy power clashes, no more endless hours stretched out ahead of us with no plans, no more impromptu trips to the in-laws 😖 Don't get me wrong, I love my family but 48 hours of them altogether in a confined space just doesn't work for us!! So Monday mornings are like clockwork round here. Up, breakfast, dressed, all out the door by 8.15am, school run, Waitrose, Diddidance class and back home to potter by 10.30am. Perfect. 
I love pottering. We lead quite a tidy life in general but, golly, is there a lot to do after a weekend of us all at home! Mondays are for tidying and sorting and moving and re-filling (mainly the snack tin as it gets raided over weekends and is usually empty when I look!)
By the time Baby goes down for his sleep at 12.30pm everything looks tidy again, the cupboards are replenished and I'm feeling organised and in control! Ha! It never lasts long, let me assure you. 
Naptime is my time. Sometimes I prepare dinner (but now that the boys are a bit older and can play unsupervised I sometimes leave this until 4.30pm?) Today I made some phone calls (ball venue, window cleaner, chimney sweep, Barclays), researched ball gowns online, found a jumpsuit for the Christmas party, added 6 pairs of shoes to my online Next shopping basket before quickly closing the window, chatted to the cleaner about random town gossip, wrote two emails to the accountants and sorted out the linen cupboard for the charity bag. A productive 2 hours indeed!
Then we just had time to take some shopping round to BFF's (she asked for meatballs when I whizzed to ikea at the weekend!) before we needed to pick up Boy from school, nip to Next to search for some shoes for Goddaughter (not in stock anywhere, boo!) and meet Husband in Telford for dinner. 90mph but that's when I'm at my best 😉
I still have jobs to do tonight so must crack on. It's the big coffee morning for our local Cancer Research committee on Wednesday  and I need a detailed breakdown of which coins I need in which floats for my trip to the bank tomorrow, fun! And I may well spend some more time lusting over the biker boots on seven boot lane's website. Avril has scored a discount code (SGS15) so be sure to check it out if you get 10mins. 
Oh god. Sleeping news. 
It isn't that exciting...I'll tell you tomorrow 😉

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