28 October 2015

Urgh fuck

Am currently downing a second glass of wine and googling 'how to deal with disrespectful behaviour'. Yes, it's been THAT day of the half term holidays.

I am gutted. We have been having such a fun time, such a cosy, magical, memory-building, wonderful fortnight and I am so sad that an afternoon of it has been spent in tears, with yelling, with headaches and heart wrenching sobs and Boy being hoiked away from a playdate under my arm (note: none of these tactics are included in the above, handy read!)

He just succumbed to the fatigue. A bouncy castle party followed by a long swim lesson and a surprise tea with a gang of excited friends meant that he just couldn't cope and the sight of cabbage tipped him over the edge. I've not seen anything like it in 3/4 months.

Tomorrow I will be calmer. I will diffuse the situation and 'do the teaching later'. I will foresee meltdowns, offer snacks to raise blood sugars and negotiate better. I will claim back the magic before my precious little one gets sucked back into the day-to-day monotony that is endless time away from his Mama. I will achieve my 'ridiculously high standards' of childhood bliss (thanks Nana!) and I will tuck my Boy into his bed with a smile on his face.

If nothing else, we've prevented an accidental pregnancy somewhere in rural Shropshire...

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