12 September 2015

Master bedroom inspiration

Having nagged my way to a new oven, pestered until the shed got finished (made bigger to store yet more of Husband's tat!), cajoled until we got new utility room shelves...I am now moving my attention to the master bedroom. It's only the place we spend half our days, after all!
At the moment it's a very odd shade of cream below the dado rail (dado rail! eeshk!) with mint green wallpaper above. It is, in a word, vile. It is the only room in the house to need decorating though, everything else is an extremely inoffensive magnolia, so I can't complain. 
When we first moved in I bought this bedding set...
...because I knew I wanted grey to feature in the room once it was decorated. In hindsight, this was a bit of an hasty decision that I now regret slightly. Shall explain...
When I hit up Pinterest earlier this week for 'grey bedroom' inspiration, these two images were amongst the ones that came up. 
Don't get me wrong, they are both stunningly elegant and grown up. Main problem? The walls are grey, not the bedding! And they're an extremely light grey at that. Our bedding is more charcoal. I can see why they've gone down this route, dark grey could make the space seem really enclosed and small so would need a lot of white to balance it out. But this clearly won't work for us because we have a) dark grey bedding that we've already bought and b) a black Labrador that would play merry hell with those pristine white sheets.
OK, I thought. No problem. I shall rethink. I can either a) buy new bedding (listen carefully and you can hear Husband groaning from there!) or b) have white walls and try to make it look NOT like a sanatorium (not very likely, I am not gifted in the interior design realm as it is so this may be a challenge above and beyond my remit) or c) try the whole grey walls AND grey bedding look. You never know, it might work?
So I went back on Pinterest and found this...

Can anyone say 'bachelor pad'??? Groan. 
All is not lost, however. Just as I was about to shut down the computer and stomp around the house bemoaning all things grey, I stumbled across this little image here:

 ...which I love! The bedding is similar to what we have already and the introduction of white throw pillows breaks it up beautifully. Unfortunately, the image didn't show us the rest of the room (what IS that wallpaper on the left hand side, I need to know!!!) so I did some intensive digging and BAM!

Behold what our master bedroom is going to look like. Except with a different carpet. And a different light fitting ;-) And probably a bit more clutter on the bedside tables!! I love how dark dark dark the walls are and it's managing to look cozy and lived in whilst still being fairly minimalist in its approach.
I'm going to start sourcing the bedside tables and white pillow covers immediately. Wish me luck! I shall post photos once we get going (Husband hasn't agreed to this project yet and I just KNOW that even when he eventually does he's going to try and get the dado rail to stay in place to make it an easier job, bless him, he'll learn!)

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  1. I am a big fan of gray.. and that dark shade looks perfect.