21 September 2015

September wardrobe additions

So, in the interests of updating my wardrobe bit by bit, month by month, here are the latest additions...
The oh-so-gorgeous Hush catalogue arrived a few weeks ago and I have spent many a happy hour online poring over their latest offerings. If only I had married a millionaire, or stayed childless, or thought of my own fantastic invention for Dragons' Den...then I could buy one of everything. Alas, alack, none of the above occurred so here we are, just dreaming ;-)
Live in blue jeans so thought these black biker jeans would be a welcome change. I have tried to add black skinnies into my wardrobe before to no avail (they were from Next, shrunk in the wash and turned an odd grey colour...?) Am aware, however, that although these are truly beautiful they are simply black skinny jeans with a small zip detail...worth  £70?? Not convinced. May look elsewhere for a similar version...
Am still on the hunt for the perfect ankle boot and am still torn between tan and black... These from seven boot lane are divine (and would go perfectly with my new black skinnies, see where I'm headed??)

And since noone seemed to tell me that now my child is in school it is the LAW that it rains between 8-9am and 3-4pm every. damn. day! I have been forced to head out and purchase a new raincoat from Joules. I already own a winter coat and a knee length Boden rainy day mac but sometimes the weather just calls for a waist length version, you know? Went with classic navy (as ever!) and do in fact wear it most days with the same Breton top as the model below!!
Naturally, Baby has also needed a new rain onesie as, when I tried to squeeze him into the old one from last winter, he protested rather loudly (something about circulation being cut off in his groin??) So he's now rocking this one from Mothercare (photo is appalling, do something about your website Mothercare, it's actually a lovely navy with brightly coloured vehicles on it??) 
So there you have it, nothing too exciting this month and we remain on the hunt for black skinnies that actually fit and don't fade in the wash!! I don't hold out much hope...

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