22 September 2015


Oh. Good. God. Baby was up at 1.19am and wailed on and off until 3.30am (when, I must admit, I just konked out in the rocking chair, he may well have carried on past then??) He then stirred again at 4.15am, 5.50am and I woke him up for the day at 7.10am.
I have no clue what woke him up, he usually sleeps 7pm-7am like a dreamboat, but he would NOT go back down into his cot. Each and every time I tried to lie him back down he just screamed blue murder. Big, fat, ploppy tears rolled down his cheeks and he just would not be left on his own. When he started up again just after 4am he wound up in our bed (cue much huffing from Husband, selfish pig!) but since he has never spent a night in our bed ever, this just proved a novelty and he decided to wake up even more to explore. Cue Baby sitting on my pillow singing a little song and patting me gently on the forehead. Groan!
Needless to say, I am in a filthy mood today and he is the grumpiest little grump you've ever met. I didn't want to venture too far from home incase he fell asleep in the car (ruin naptime as well as a shit night's sleep? Don't think so, buddy!) So we have pootled round Waitrose to kill time and are now chilling at home. He seems quite happy so far, has a Bosch toy drill and some work goggles on at the moment...let's see how long it lasts! I foresee naptime beginning at 11am!

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