28 September 2015

Falling into Autumn

Ooh yay, it's Autumn! I love, love, LOVE this time of year, it is officially my favourite. That said, I do find the first few weeks hard work knowing what to wear for the day ahead. Yesterday, for example, we woke up to early morning fog, dewy grass, a distinct nip in the air. The boys and I had some spare time before heading to the local park for a rampage so we spent a happy 45 minutes sorting through their drawers and sifting out the short sleeved tshirts and shorts...so long, summer clothes, we don't require your help any more, see you next Spring.
Or so we thought!
We bundled ourselves into fleecy joggers, scarves, hats and jumpers and even put the cosy toes on the Bugaboo. Off we headed and we were nice and cosy for a few hours...until the blazing hot sun came out. Not only were we all melting but we looked like RIGHT idiots next to all those smart people who had either a) checked the weather forecast or b) left the house at a more reasonable hour and were skipping around having icecreams in their tshirts and summer dresses.
All that aside though, we have made a proper start on our Halloween shopping and this week I am definitely getting out the Autumn leaf wreath for the mantelpiece. Can't wait.
On Thursday I'll be recapping on my September goals and setting some more for the month ahead, but today my mind is all wardrobe (probably due to the clear out we had on Sunday!)
I know I've mentioned them repeatedly, and by the time I get round to choosing some and buying them I'll be over them, but I am still stuck on ankle boots that are comfy enough to run around after Baby in yet not totally flat. I am bored of posting photos now, so just take my word for it when I say, these are still on the 'want' list!
I also haven't had any joy with skinny black jeans but DID buy a replacement pair of dark blue skinnies from M&S on Sunday because as I pulled on my trusty pair that very morning the right knee split open. Almost cried!
The latest additions to the list are these:
Still lusting after a denim dress and this one from Boden currently has 25% off. With leggings and a huge plaid scarf? Oh so cute!!
 And I need a denim jacket in my life. I have one, but every time I put it on I feel like an 80s pop star...something to do with the colour I think? Not quite the right shade. My Dad bought it for me in the Gap in NYC in 2004, so yeah, possibly time for a new one?!
 Mmmmm the cosy tights from M&S. Had these last year and wore them to DEATH. Literally. They died. Thick enough to look like leggings and oh so warm. Buy them now. You won't be sorry!
And this one I've been thinking about forever. My tall Uggs (also bought in NYC in 2004) finally went in the bin when we moved in April. They need replacing ASAP, I miss them in my life and I didn't realise quite how much until it was time to head out the door this morning. Autumn fog will do that to a girl!!
And the aforementioned plaid scarf from Zara. Cute! And only £19.99. What a cheap and cheerful instant pick-me-up!!

So there you have it. It is Monday. Baby has only napped for an hour and is now hollering BUT there is chilli in the slow cooker and jammie dodgers in the biscuit barrel so...you know, life could always be worse. This still made me laugh though...
Am off to pick up Rumpelstiltskin! Wish me luck!

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