8 September 2015

Scotland 2015

OK, you'll have to excuse the random selection of photos. I try to keep the boys anonymous online and as such only chose pictures where their faces were obscured or out of shot. Apologies for the annoyance!! Here is our wonderful cottage...
You can find details about it at www.guisachanholidays.com. Seriously stunning location, lovely owners, open log fire...bit outdated decor wise but that is easily overlooked when the local pub food is so good, there's a swimming pool up the road and the view for your morning coffee is a herd of wild deer following a stag through the glen in the mist. Wowzers!

Urquhart Castle in the drizzle. Next to a big sign that said 'Please do not touch the Trebuchet'!!

Skimming stones at the lake where my Dad's ashes were scattered.

Holidays with kids means a lot of visits to local playparks. This was Drumnadrochit.

Dolphin spotting at North Kessock (didn't see a damn thing, and the only cafe around had a massive sign saying 'NO PUSHCHAIRS'. Inviting. Grr!)

Some raccoons at the world's worst wildlife park. If you are ever in Inverness and are even THINKING about visiting the Black Isle Wildlife Park, do yourself a massive favour and DON'T.

Admiring the inside of the abbey in Beauly. He is genuinely not peeing in this picture, it was just an odd angle ;-)

Here's Baby enjoying the trampoline in Cannich. Seriously, this village has approximately 7 children in it. How come their parks are so much better than those in much bigger towns down south?? I really don't understand??

And here's my beautiful Boy, patiently awaiting his ride home. He was a superstar the whole way there and back, helping me with the suitcase, holding doors open, sharing his iPad with Baby...he was a little horror whilst actually ON holiday but the travelling bit was a dream ;-)

So there you have it, a tiny glimpse into our week away in the Highlands. They both got the obligatory 1-midgie-bite (for some reason Nana and Husband always get eaten alive, I never get touched?? Lucky for the boys they seem to take after me!) and loved sharing a bedroom. Maybe I'll move Baby into Boy's room sooner than I'd planned??

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