16 September 2015


Had planned to blog yesterday as part of the 'Which 5 people would you invite to your dinner party?' link-up but then Leeds Dad and his wife came over for a drink when the boys had gone to bed and...well the evening got away with me!
Auntie had been here all day (making a mess, shrieking loudly, generally being 'Auntie') and once the bottle of wine was open there wasn't really any chance of me sitting down at the computer and writing something that made any amount of sense ;-)
So my apologies, I shall be back tomorrow with a little something to celebrate Niece turning 1 but for now, simply this meme which sums up how I felt for Boy this morning as I waved him off to school...

He skipped off without a backward glance but man, this school shit is really monotonous isn't it? It's like, every day!!

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