7 September 2015

Hello Autumn!

Having officially given up with summer a few weeks early when the persistent drizzle and grey skies just would not leave, I am pleased to say that Autumn has now officially arrived and we can embrace the boots / scarves / open fires / stews / fireworks / cozy blankets section of the year. Hurrah for all the above. I don't like the rain but can cope with the cold no bother (am an avid skier so it would be madness if not!) and there is a definite air of 'chill' when you wake up each morning now.
September has always been a favourite month. The new school year brings stationary shopping (my fav!) and fresh, new exercise books. In the kitchen we get to bring out the slow cooker (easy dinners? Gets my vote every time!) My wardrobe gets an instant update with a few new scarves and a new pair of ankle boots. The boys look so damn cute wrapped up warm in new coats and welly boots. The list of reasons to love this season goes on and on!
So, since it's already well under way (why am I always so tardy with these posts??) I shall share my list of goals for this lovely, crisp month.
Cope admirably with Boy's entry into the world of academia when he starts Kindergarten on Thursday. So far I've been OK if I deal with it all in small, manageable pieces (shoes one day, jumper the next, book bag the next week...slowly slowly little monkey!) but I really don't want to fall apart in tears on the playground. I am also going to TRY try try super hard not to micromanage every single second he is there. Way back when, I used to be a teacher, and Lord knows I really bloody hated those parents who clearly thought I didn't know what I was doing. Boy has a experienced, kind, sweet teacher in his room, alongside two wonderful and caring TAs. He will flourish, at his own rate, if I can just try and leave him to find his own little groove. I mustn't let my anxiety cloud my view of little niggles, small wobbles, tiny, insignificant issues in the first few weeks... I really want him to love school and want to work alongside the staff there in order for him to achieve his best. I am NOT going to compare him to other children who are totally different individuals with totally different skills and abilities. But first, shall just focus on not crying like a baby when he walks in the doors!

I also need to reign in my inner Doris Day and not volunteer for every single, tiny, little job going. It's my nature to stick my hand in the air, it's practically an involuntary movement (read: illness), I can't help myself, and it's got me into many a pickle in the past (fish pie for 30? no probs. easter egg bingo for 80? bring it) so this year I AM NOT GOING TO BE THE SUCKER!! No sir. I woke up last night at 2.36am thinking 'Gee, I really need to type up a class list for every Mama to add their contact details...' NO. DESIST! Step away from the super-Mama cape and get me some wine. 

Get both boys back in the pool. Enough said. Have dropped the ball and we are now experiencing a water-wobble like we've never seen before in Boy. Am hoping his first lesson on Wednesday goes well, and that mine and Baby's first lesson on Friday goes even better (as I've never taken him before, it was always Husband's gig) Give me strength!

Can one of my goals be to just shift this damn cold ASAP? I have a stinking headache and a throat so sore I am trying to avoid speaking. I have antiseptic throat spray, lozenges and mouthwash. Be gone nasty germs...just don't jump onto Boy as I don't want him ill for Thursday!

Get back into running. Have purchased a running pram from a friend and now just need to take the damn thing out (have stage fright!) Am telling myself that once Boy is at school I will have more time to fit it into my schedule...just need to go at a time when Baby isn't going to fall asleep?! Hmmm...must get this sorted in the next 23 days!
Invite some school friends over for tea. Want this to be a sweet tradition we start, friends over for tea on a Friday after school. Am excited about getting this one up and running WHILST ALL THE TIME not letting it snowball into becoming the social secretary of the whole damn class ;-)

Read a book. A real life book, from cover to cover. Not a parenting manual or a board book. A grown-up, thought-provoking piece of literature. If you have any recommendations then please leave them below as I find choosing the damn thing takes longer than reading anything...

Moisturise my body every night before bed. This has been an on and off goal for, ooh 15 years? But this Autumn and Winter I really want to crack it. My legs currently look like discarded snake skin, gak!

An ongoing goal this one, but I would really like to sell our old house. I appreciate that the initial part (getting an offer) is decidedly out of my hands, but IF we get an offer then my goal is to do everything in my power to get the sale completed as soon as possible. Husband really does not want this hanging over us come Christmas, and I can see his point. Keeping our fingers crossed for some movement soon...

Get Boy to eat his vegetables. We've tried counting mouthfuls, we've tried ignoring it, we've refused him pudding, we've done praising the baby, picking out our own in the store, helping prepare them for dinner, putting our foot down and having a battle of wills (no thank you, far too painful)...he is having none of it. Time for the tough love (which isn't really that tough once you remember he only gets 30mins TV a day in the week anyway...) But from now on, we have decreed that if Boy refuses to eat his vegetables at teatime, there is no TV. None. Nada. Baby will watch 'In the night garden' and Boy will have to play in the playroom on his own until we go upstairs for stories. I'll let you know how it goes. Groan!

So there you have it. 10 goals for this month. It will be busy, but then aren't they all? Happy September, everyone. May your scarves be cosy and your slow cookers save your soul!!

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