25 September 2015

Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday Everyone! A quick one today, just five little favourites for this sunny, autumnal Friday before the weekend starts. (And I apologise now if the pictures are all squiffy, I have no clue what's going on with the PC today??!!)

It's the WEEKEND and man, I've always been a fan but now it means I get Boy back for a whole 48hrs+ I am delirious every single Friday at 3.30pm. I miss him like a physical pain in my chest throughout the week. This weekend I am determined not to let him and Husband fall out, this weekend will be sunshine and lollipops and love and laughs. I will ensure it!

One of the reasons this weekend will be so much fun is because...we're off to Bristol tomorrow morning bright and early for a little friend's second birthday party. My city. Can't wait!

Am loving these Sweaty Betty yoga pants which I recently treated myself to. Slouchy, comfy and look shit hot. Winner!
Totally different look, and am not convinced I won't look like a crazy lumberjack, but have bought myself a plaid shirt. We shall see. It's only a cheapy one from F&F so I shan't be gutted if I hate it on... might wear it tomorrow and see what the general reaction is (aka if anyone asks me to cut down their tree I'm binning it immediately!) 

And finally, there's 30% food at Pizza Express on Sunday after 5pm this weekend. Who doesn't love free doughballs? Am going to suggest it to Husband for a treat.

Like I said, quick and easy this Friday. Hope you've all had an epic week? Am off to quickly finish this laundry and then walk to school in the sunshine to collect Boy. He has been practising his sight words so much and fingers crossed, will have a reading book today! Baby has a new gilet which he is dying to wear out for the first time (read: Mama really wants to dress him up like a little doll!) so we will be marching down the High Street like a catwalk.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone, enjoy x

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