12 June 2015

Shock and amazement

Went up to town yesterday in the hopes that I might find a ball dress for next Saturday. Didn't, of course, but DID venture into somewhere I never go and was pleasantly surprised.
As you know, it's the annual Cancer Research luncheon here on Sunday and this year we have a slight indian theme going on. I have a knee length navy lace dress and some fab wedges that are suitable, but was after some little accessories and a scarf maybe to bollywood it up a bit. We'd already tried Monsoon and Accessorize to no avail, then BFF suggested Primark.
Normally the place brings me out in a rash, there's stuff all over the floor and I find that even when stuff IS hung up properly, there's almost too much of it to choose from? She saw me visibly recoil but assured me that it would be fun!! and that we'd leave if the hives started to appear.
And we did quite well. Not only did we pick up two lots of bracelets, a necklace, a hand cuff and a scarf but it only cost £14. Insane!
Here's what I bought

Think they'll add a little touch of colour to my otherwise navy ensemble but also give it an indian feel?? Am so looking forward to it, I have a table full of girls to sit and drink with, no children, the weather is meant to be dry but warm-ish and it's all for an amazing cause that is so important to our family. Can't wait!

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