11 June 2015


Ooh exciting, Husband has a new BBQ. After 2 whole months of him lusting over it online and in store but refusing to buy it for himself, I managed to find it online for 25% off and just went right ahead and ordered it (this is pretty much how we handle all decisions in life, he's still standing around pondering and I'm behind him jumping in/eating it already/trying it on/hanging it on the wall etc...)
It arrived last week sometime (much to his confusion, bless!) and has been sitting next to the patio furniture, all shiny and new since. Toddler is beside himself with glee and skips home every damn day wondering if today will be the day Daddy will do a BBQ for tea. So far, it's not been used as Husband hasn't made it home before 9pm, which is a tad late for small children to be awake, let alone eating sausages outside, in my humble opinion.
But today, today my friends, I have had the text. Husband is finishing work early, we are to hit up Waitrose after the nursery pick-up and grab armfuls of meat, the BBQ is on!!
(Please don't let the sun go in until after 7pm!!)

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