30 June 2015

July Goals

Five personal, me-centred goals this month. Short but sweet, see if it works to keep me focussed ;-)
1. Health. Only one cup of coffee in the morning and one at lunch. No more 6-a-day kinda days and def no more before bed. I can sleep through it but I'm sure it's not restful!
2. Mind. Read 4 books. Have already bought 'Planet Parent' which is on its way but am determined to plough my way through 3 new novels too. Reading is such a luxury and one I've been missing out on, fool!
3. Mama. Work on Toddler's name-writing, phonics, number recognition and problem-solving while Baby naps. We've fallen into a dirty little habit of screen time at this time of day on the two days a week he is at home and it needs to stop, want to try and channel his attention into the basics before September. 
4. Home. Maybe take up ironing...I am acutely aware that we are half way through the year and as yet this resolution is still outstanding. Shocking. And I'm running out of things to wear that don't make me look homeless!
5. Money. Am not going to buy one damn item of clothing for the entire month. I'm not. I'm really not. I'll really try not to...!
Any halfway through the year resolutions? Anything is a good excuse for some self-improvement I think x

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