30 June 2015

Over so soon??

I am genuinely in shock. I sat down to write this blog post and realised that tomorrow is July. Where on earth did that month go? That is properly scary. I only just wrote out a list of things I was excited to happen in June...time really does fly when you're having fun I guess?! That's mad.
Today has been ridiculously hot. Why is Britain so like this? We have spent weeks and weeks grumping about the slightly warm weather that only lasted 2 days running before some overcast drizzle returned and now it's BAM straight into the hottest day ever that makes you feel like you're melting!! We wound up in BFF's garden with the sprinklers on and the paddling pool full, eating ice lollies and drinking water like it was running out!! A fun afternoon, but I think I now have sun stroke. Banging headache. Ouch!
Well, as usual, it's only Tuesday and however many items we have completed (woo) we have added double that amount to the bottom of the to-do list (groan!)
The argument/disappointment about Portugal raged on and eventually threatened to become a blow-out screaming match. I had to let it go. Am still gutted about missing out but have compromised with a 5 day trip to Inverness with the boys. Toddler gets his aeroplane ride, I get to dust off my passport (am ignoring the fact that it's an internal flight and as such I could use my driving license as ID!), Nana gets some company on her trip to the Highlands and we all get a change of scenery. Have booked a hire car and am quite excited about my solo parenting trip. Hope I can manage 2 in an airport, eeshk!! So yes, as soon as I ticked 'book flights to Inverness' off my list I had to add 'boys' passports, ring hire car company to reserve car seats, check everyone has waterproof coats that fit and ring Auntie to organise a visit to cousins'. I swear, I couldn't fit in a job if I tried.
The desk issue was finally solved today in the traditional, never-fails approach of throwing money at the situation. We simply could not find anything we liked in the size we needed. Finally found this little beauty below and, while it was a smidge more than I would have liked to pay and needed courier service to get it here, we went with it. Lord knows when it will arrive but I am quite excited. Think it will finish off the dining room beautifully and my paperwork is looooong overdue a proper home (am currently writing this with the keyboard balanced on my knee...I hate this desk!!)

Have decided I need a playsuit in my wardrobe. Suddenly they are everywhere and so cute, no worrying about the wind blowing your skirt up or Toddler sticking his head where the sun don't shine...perfection! Love this one from asos but am not prepared to spend £40 on it...might spend this evening googling a discount code ;-)

Which brings us to the subject at hand...
Bearing in mind that Toddler is still up, Husband is on way home and house is a tip, my list of fun things for July will be abbreviated and short. Here goes nothing...
Night at Posh Mama's making summer fair things
Trip to Thomas Land
Collect new jogging pushchair
Summer fair at school
Toddler's graduation from nursery
Husband giving a talk at careers day at his old school!
Local agricultural show (big day around these parts!)
Hair colour being done
Meal out with playgroup Mamas
Deep clean at nursery (loooong story, ends with Posh Mama and I donning rubber gloves)
Godson's birthday. 12. Am so old. I taught him in Y1 for pete's sake!!
And on the very last weekend of the month we've got a night away (GASP) at Bath Races with Uni Girls, one of whom will be sporting her beautiful baby bump.
Can't wait. With all of that fun planned it's sure to pass as quickly as June!!
Hope you've all got lovely plans??

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