2 June 2015

Boys on wheels

In the space of 48hrs Baby has mastered the tricycle (so damn cute!) and Toddler has finally (we're talking, he had the blasted thing in August, hello June!!) built up the confidence to let Husband let go of his hood when cycling his big-boy bike.
Am such a proud Mama!! And now such a frantic, out-of-breath Mama. My God, they're fast when they get going, I don't remember feeling this way when Toddler got competent on his feet, but I suppose I was only running after 1 Baby then...now I'm constantly trying to watch 2??

In other news, the new light fitting in the dining room (big white dome) looks awesome and I am very pleased with our choice. But it buzzes. I do not know why it buzzes. But buzzes it does. And it is driving me INSANE! So that's another job that got ticked off the list and is swiftly added to the bottom again...

Today is garden furniture day. The fact that it is currently pouring it down outside has not escaped me.

And considering I have a black tie event in 10 days and desperately need to be shopping for a ball gown, last night online I purchased a boxy patterned jacket which I'm 89% confident I will either return or keep and never ever wear, 2 vest top/camis that may well make me look heavily pregnant, skinny jeans, a clutch bag and 2 boring tshirt bras. Nailed it!

Am off to collect Leeds Dad from nursery to go and collect his new wheels...and on that note we have come full circle and I can sign off feeling terribly smug, ha!

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