15 June 2015


Two most amazing things have just happened.
Do you remember these little beauties?
(don't ask me why they're so small here??)
I have lusted over them for 2 months but couldn't justify the £195 price tag (not when you've got two gorgeous boys to shop for, two houses to run, a calendar full of social events that need funding...plus the fact that £200 seems a bit steep for shoes that will most likely only ever get worn to the playbarn and/or the park?!)
Well, there I was, pootling about the world wide web, trying to find some sandals I like and I remembered them...went to have another little lust over them and BAM they've only gone into the 50% off sale online!!! LKBennett themselves were sold out, cue a tiny cry, a tiny grumble at myself for not monitoring them more closely, a small kick of myself at being such a doofus AND THEN I realised they sell LKBennett shoes in Selfridges, and lo, there they were, waiting for me to buy. Hazzah!! Am so happy!!
The other good news is that this dress arrived this morning:
and it fits!! Only £70 which is a total bargain when you think House of Fraser's selection started at £120 (and they were the plain, black offerings) Thank you very much asos.com. So now, I can go to the ball on Saturday and don't have to spend all week grumping about wearing an old frock. Double woo!
Am off to make myself a fourth coffee to celebrate my successful day. Baby and I have been rather busy racing around this morning so more caffeine is def in order. We needed to bank over £3k from the luncheon yesterday so I made him sit on it during the nursery run for added security! We also always have tonnes to do around the house on a Monday (after Toddler and Husband have trashed the joint over the weekend!) so that's kept us nice and busy for a few hours. The laundry is now half done, the conservatory is almost finished, bookshelves that were moved at the weekend are now re-filled and the beds have been changed. Oh yes, and we emptied the bins (this one kinda snuck past me and all of a sudden bins were overflowing everywhere, damn I miss the cleaner!)
I hear movement upstairs which means naptime is over. Happy Monday everyone, hope yours is as productive as mine!

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