23 June 2015

Tuesday is here

Here we have it. Ten random things that make us smile on a Tuesday that's a bit grey and a bit miserable and is supposed to be June!

1. Coffee. Always. First true love. Think I'd love mine even more if they looked this pretty every time I poured one?

2. This desk. Am desperate to replace the ikea monstrosity that is currently housing my PC, but can I find one I like in the right width? Can I feck! Am determined it is to stay in this alcove, or my search would be considerably easier...but who likes it easy, eh?!
3. Laundry storage. This week's obsession. May have to venture to the dreaded aforementioned ikea to pick up some shelves like the ones below. Basically have a tonne of storage in the laundry room/utility area at the minute BUT it stands on the worktop and therefore I lose all my folding space. Sad times. Need to get some wall-mounted shelves and lift that crap up a bit!!

4. Mint Velvet boots. Because, well, just look at them! I appreciate that it's the end of June and we should all be swanning about in flip flops, but I really don't want hypothermia and we must be realistic. Am moving on to Autumn!

5. These felt tips have been in my amazon basket for a few months now, am pressing 'buy' this morning. Ingenious idea, must be done.
 6. The Shropshire Business Awards are being held this Friday night and Godfather's company is shortlisted for foreign export. Another reason to get dressed up and head out on the tiles? Thanks very much! (PS we all decided to go knee length for this one so I'm sorted, ball gown angst averted!)

7. And this is the new restaurant in town where we shall all be eating on Saturday night due to the ill-fated school barndance being cancelled. Looking forward to that!

8. All 3 of us have now caught Husband's sore throat and snotty nose, and I am also suffering with hayfever. Excellent. Baby has been up coughing at 2am every night for a week (joys) and then they spend their days wandering around with green slugs hanging out of their nostrils. It's all glamour being a Mama! Thanks Christ for tissues.
9. Was a bit late to the Amy Schumer craze (as ever, be it shoes or coats or comedy, I'm a fucking season behind everyone else, kills me!) But anyway, funniest thing I've watched in a long time. You can access clips on youtube, hilarious!

10. And am turning my attention to the master bedroom. Once I've sorted the laundry room obviously. I would never ever have two big projects on the go at the same time!! I've gone ahead and bought charcoal bedsheets (white bedspreads, while delightful, don't really 'go' with black labradors?!) so dark grey walls are probably not possible but this is the kind of feel I'm after. Husband will, of course, take one look at it and declare it a no-go, but then when has that ever stopped me/been taken into account/been listened to? No rush though, am still on the 'pinning' stage of this one.

And there we have it. 10 random things that make me smile day-to-day, are coming up this week or that are causing me to do the mental-Mama-grin that comes when you are so sick to death of wiping snot. You know the one, smile manically or lie down and weep? Yeah, that one!

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