13 June 2015

Busy little bee

Today has been:
Up with boys at 7am, dressed, breakfast, run through morning's suggested activities with Husband (to avoid 3hrs of screen time!) and emptied the large bookshelf (it's going upstairs tomorrow) Quickly grabbed a bowl of cereal then ran out the door with an armful of Indian scarves to drape over things!
Set up marquee for the luncheon (moving tables, chairs, decorating, sticking bar fridges, laying out raffle and auction prizes, draping scarves!, finalising seating plan...)
Home for lunch
Trip to ikea when Baby woke. Turns out the ikea sale started yesterday and we were the only people in the known world who weren't aware. Needless, we battled our way through the crowds and still managed to get 2 things off the list and only 1 extra which is a small miracle in ikea!! Boys were treated to hotdogs and ice creams for being so well behaved and patient :-)
Home, bubble bath, Husband put together my new bedside table (have been without one for 5 months, what are the chances I get through the night without rolling over and whacking my head off it?!) then the boys had a small snack for supper and were tucked in for the night. 
Husband raced out to collect his new golf net and on the way home grabbed a dirty curry. Nom. 
Watched Avengers. Ate curry. Drank second glass of wine! Finished seating plan for tomorrow. Am now slightly anxious seating plan is wrong due to levels of tipsy, but not anxious enough to check it. Will probably wake at 1am and have to do it then. Groan!
Have pootled round, picked up the 42 random items lying in the wrong place and put them back where they rightfully belong, tidied the playroom (car in the musical instruments box, megablok in the food box, it was CHAOS in there!!) and am finally sitting down. It's 10.10pm. That's early for me!! May celebrate with a third glass...??

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