8 June 2015

A brand new week

Here we go, folks, Monday again. So much to do and so little energy. The alarm went off this morning and I genuinely could not remember what day it was, what we had planned, whether or not it was a hair-washing morning (it wasn't, score!) and it felt like I had gone to bed a mere 10 mins earlier. Hard work.
I managed to get everyone fed, washed and dressed and out the door by 8.40am and after to-ing and fro-ing about whether or not we'd walk today (pros: it's hot and sunny, cons: I really needed to run some errands after nursery and wasn't sure whether they were feasible on foot) we decided to drive. Good job really considering Toddler had a meltdown on the front door step about his juice bottle not fitting in his backpack correctly which made us late. His little face was all red and snotty, not like him at all to be so emotional over something so small.
He then repeated the same on the nursery driveway because he had caught sight of some friends, wanted to run after them but couldn't because he was wearing his backpack and it was slowing him down. Cue lots of screaming and angry tears. Then when it was time for me to leave him he was clingy and weepy and generally not quite right...am awaiting a phonecall from them to collect him early if I'm honest. After yesterday's debacle with Baby (more on that in a moment) I wouldn't be at all surprised if he's not feeling 100%. We shall see...
Baby and I then raced to Waitrose, walked back into town to drop off our wine hamper donation for the Cancer Research luncheon which is this Sunday (can not wait for some girl time!!) and paid some cheques into the bank. I've decided we'll walk back to collect Toddler this afternoon and have packed some old bread to feed the ducks on the way home and bought him a tractor biscuit to cheer him up. Isn't it funny? They misbehave and are so piggin' rude, then you spend all day feeling like you handled the whole situation badly and that you've left your first-born at nursery in tears like a she-devil. Bet he's absolutely fine and has forgotten the whole incident. Sigh!
Baby has spent a rather long time this morning pootling around me while I sit at the computer ringing marquee insurance companies, bless his heart, and is currently having a nap while I quickly post this, sort out some paperwork for Husband's business, set up a new direct debit for nPower (which has been done, and cancelled??, three times now, apparently they don't really WANT paying??) and do some frantic ball gown shopping online. Had 2 beauties from asos delivered this morning. Both look like shit. So that's helpful. Add 'return ball gowns' to the list of things to achieve today!
Am off out for a run this evening with Lawyer Mama and Yummy Mummy. Was meant to be doing the Race for Life yesterday and was en route to Nana's house to collect her when Baby turned to me in the car and projectile vomited all over himself, his shoes, the car seat, me... It was incredible. No warning signs, no tears, just sudden instantaneous puke everywhere. We had to pull over in a layby on the A5 and strip him naked and try to clean his carseat with baby wipes. Toddler found the whole thing fascinating and Husband spent the majority of the time commenting on how lucky I was that he wasn't following suit and throwing up too. I had someone's else's puke in my hair at this point so ignored him. Needless to say we had to turn around and drive straight home again, and the Race for Life went ahead without me. Nana and Auntie did it in a good time so are very proud of themselves, and I'm off out tonight to run off some stress instead!
Right, am off to parcel up these horrific gowns for returning in the post, find a stamp for the V5 ceritificate (apparently you have to let the government know that your car has moved home...who knew?!) and empty the drier. And probably make another coffee. Because it's Monday. And it's still 5.5hours until my children go to bed!!

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