17 June 2015

Dreadful news

Shoes of love arrived in a 6.5. They were so small I was actually wincing as I put the first one on...but I persevered and hobbled around the living room for a good, ooh I don't know, 2 minutes before finally accepting that they were too small, painfully and agonisingly too small. Did a little cry as I put them back in the box and printed off the returns label...
Am hoping they come up teeny tiny, as usually a 6.5 is ok on me. So have gone ahead and ordered the 8 (only other size available) in the eternal hope that they are teeny tiny too and therefore fit like a dream.
Here's to tomorrow and my new faboosh dream-shoes arriving and fitting!
Expect tears if they don't!!
In other news, Fit Gardener is here tomorrow trimming the conifers so that the garden gets some sunlight and stops being quite so boggy in places. Will attempt to surreptitiously photograph him in action and post the pics, so pretty!

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