4 June 2015

An update of sorts

OK so it's Thursday, the heatwave has arrived and here's where we stand on the latest news and gossip:

Still have no ball gown.

Took Leeds Dad to pick up his new car and when he disappeared on a test drive it occurred to me that I was sitting in a remote location, with no phone signal, in the drizzling rain, with 2 small boys, desperately needed a wee and that the mechanic in the truck next to us was wearing black gloves and looked suspiciously like someone I'd seen on Criminal Minds recently. So that was a delightfully stress-free morning out...

The patio furniture is divine and it is FINALLY hot enough to use it, woo!

Proposed trip to visit to Auntie and Niece in Liverpool was compromised into a trip to Chester Zoo (met in the middle) which was ideal. Perfect weather, boys had a blast, Nana met us there for icecream...winner!

School PLA meeting was painful as ever, can not WAIT for that ridiculous little man to retire already. September can not come soon enough.

And rocket lollies are officially the lolly of 2015. As decreed by Toddler. Who asked for one for breakfast!!

Enjoy the rays x

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