28 June 2015

Laundry / utility room

Ok. So after saying that I only ever have one project on the go at a time (lies, blatant lies) this weekend I had a tiny meltdown about the mess in our laundry/utility room and snapped. The space itself is essentially a narrow corridor that runs between our kitchen and the back conservatory and while it's been nice to actually HAVE a separate space for bits and bobs (all this crap was stored in the main kitchen in our old house) the novelty factor had worn off and suddenly I couldn't bear the sight of it for another second. It needed 'pinteresting'!
If you remember, I had plenty of rickety storage but it was in the form of shelves sitting on the work surface and it meant I had little to no space left for folding laundryn when it came out of the dryer. So, I did what I always do in these scenarios and emptied the entire thing like a mad bastard, sorted through everything, binned a load of stuff, put things back in their rightful places elsewhere in the house and then re-sorted things into tubs/containers/baskets as needed. Then I spent an hour trawling the ikea website making notes and finally sent poor unsuspecting Husband off out on Saturday afternoon mission with a detailed list of exactly which items I needed to make the laundry room complete. Turns out, this was an inspired idea as everyone else was out and about enjoying the sunshine so he skipped round quite happily and even said he enjoyed himself (unheard of!)

30mins of swearing and arguing later and this is what we achieved. It is literally mind-boggling how much difference such a small change can make. I have almost the entire work surface back, the shelves are no longer stacked too high and looking like they're about to collapse under their own weight AND I found 2 more pairs of scissors (scissors are like gold dust in our house, they disappear like no-one's business??) So I am a very happy lady.
Found this on pinterest and have printed a copy off for framing...something to live by!

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