9 June 2015

Yet another return

God, sometimes you really wonder why you bother trying new things. It's like when you go out for dinner with girlfriends (or with anyone for that matter?!) You peruse the menu, are so tempted by a new and exotic sounding meal choice, but actually, when it comes to it and the waiter is standing there, pencil poised, you wind up thinking 'I'm dressed up, out of the house and don't have to prepare a meal, do I want to risk ordering something shit?' 8 times out of 10 I plump for an old dependable, a firm favourite, something I know and love...who wants to WASTE a good meal out when you don't go for them that often?
It appears it's the same with clothes. I'm trying so hard to branch out, try something different, purchase something a little out of the norm for my boring style...sometimes it's working but recently, jeez, not so much.
Both ball gowns went flying back to asos within 2 hours of arriving (one didn't fit me right and one looked so cheap I couldn't bring myself to wear it!) and then today a parcel from River Island arrived and yuck, all going straight back. Am in town again on Thursday looking for ball gowns with BFF so I can drop it back to store, saving the returns cost, but man it's so depressing when these things occur. Not for the bank balance obviously, bank balance does extremely well out of it. But I wind up wondering why I bother, that I'm boring, that I'll never get my style back ever again, that I should just eat cake and wear a duvet cover with arm holes...
Bit dramatic but accurate.
The only damn thing I kept out of the River Island parcel was this fabulous clutch bag that made my heart do that little flutter-ping thing when I looked at it.
No clue when I'll use it, but I don't have one already and am always looking for an alternative to my trusty black clutch that I've had for, ooh, 15 year, so I don't feel remotely guilty.
Am going to spend my evening making a list of stores to go into on Thursday. Am determined to find this bloody ball gown, if I have to I'll wear the same one to both events (different crowds apart from BFF and Husband so a small, forgiveable sin) and I only have 2.5hours to manage it once I've juggled childcare and Baby's nap.
Wish me luck!

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