2 May 2015

Wardrobe updates

Ok. So when I started critiquing my wardrobe post Baby, I started with a purge of random shit I was holding onto for no good reason followed by making a detailed list of everything I already owned in order to make a precise list of what I wanted to buy this season. This worked well in keeping me focused on what style I was working on and preventing me from buying another 25 stripey tops. 
I was using two dressers as storage and had 5 deep drawers (makeup, tops, bottoms, pjs and jumpers, simple but effective!) which have come with us to the new house. Husband did a little happy dance when I told him I was sticking to the dressers and he could have the huge built-in wardrobes in the dressing room. But now I'm finding that actually, having my clothes in drawers just doesn't work for me. I think I really need my stuff on display in order to properly construct an outfit each morning. I've worked hard to ensure I have the right ingredients, but without them on display I am sticking to the old favourites every week and that kind of negates the whole purpose of this project. I don't want my wardrobe to be hard work, but I know I need a bit of a push and I think changing the way I store my clothes might help. 
So...my new mini-project is moving my jeans, tops, jumpers etc into the tall wardrobe so I can fling the door open each morning and...be inspired!
Luckily, the wardrobes are huge-huge so Husband can keep his casual clothes on the left (suits and shirts are stored in the small wardrobe/cupboard in our main bedroom for easy access at 6.30am!) and I'll just take the last one that's available on the right.
Shall endeavour to post photos now I know how to do it. First job tomorrow? Hangers!

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