27 May 2015


Have succumbed to yet more publicity and blog-lust and bought a Fitbit. I ordered it not really 100% knowing what it did, but it ticked the boxes of popular, fitness related, gadget, current trend...so of course I needed one in my life. Went with navy blue so that it would match 95% of my wardrobe and it arrived yesterday. 
Fair play, fellow bloggers who raved, it is pretty cool. It's understated and chic, does its job brilliantly well (essentially encourages you to do 10,000 steps a day) but also tracks your progress and achievements on a handy little app on your iPhone. Some fitness apps are either too complicated, don't actually collate the data you want them to (namely, have I moved enough today to eat this friggin' scone yet?!) or demand a huge premium to access anything remotely helpful. Fitbit's little app is actually quite good. It syncs with the device whenever you open it, tells you exactly how many steps you've done so far, you can manually add any exercise completed/food consumed/water drunk etc... Yesterday I only put it on at 4pm but still managed 8,500 steps by bed which I was proud of (a 50min run with Yummy Mummy and Lawyer Mama helped, but it still counts!)
What can I say? It's neat, encourages me to move my butt, looks cool...it will keep me focused for AT LEAST 2 weeks 😉

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